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This blog is dedicated to my search for the perfect shoes and the perfect yarn.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Final Sockapaloooza update

Here's the package I'm sending to my sockapalooza pal, minus the postcard, which I haven't gotten and hope they have at the one stop mail place.

The lovely Jaywalker socks done in Opal. Some knitting notecards and some lovely knitpicks sock yarn that I hand dyed in those beautiful shades of blue and green. I'll probably throw in some wonderful chocolate before I send it out into the world tomorrow. Now don't you wish you were my pal???

I, at one time, was so excited because my sunroom overlooked a field/creek bed. I imagined days spent knitting in my chair looking at the growing plants, trees, flowers that magically appearred. It was all romantic and lovely...unfortunately, I forgot that among the many living things in the field, creek bed were also 4+ legged things that seem to make noise. A lot of noise. It's like a cricket chorus or something else...high pitched droning sound (yes, I sadly have doglike hearing...). UGHHHH, Nature.

3.5 days til my vacation to see my brother. I can't wait!!!!!

Friday, April 28, 2006

So, I started another frou frou scarf to be donated to a charity auction. This one is a mother's day auction to benefit the Relay for Life.
It's going fairly quickly and will be done this weekend in time for the auction. Hurrah!. Found the yarn on sale at the yarn store...even bigger Yeah!

You know, sometimes, something you don't intend,
turns out right. I don't mind fraternal socks, in fact it kind of amuses me to see them almost the same, but not, so I don't try anymore, so all I tried to do was start on the red and look at the outcome...isn't that cool. We'll have to see if this can last for the whole sock. It would be kind of neat.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Angels want to wear my red shoes...

It's an Elvis Costello type day today... I actually do own several pairs of red shoes, including a pair of red patten Mary Janes with 3 inch heels. The 3 inch heels is why they get worn so seldom, but boy do I love those shoes.

What is up with the weather??? I turned off my air conditioning and turned on my heat. It was like 38 degrees this morning when I left for my 3/4 length sleeve sweater without a coat... It was a bit chilly when I went to lunch...

My life is strangely boring right now. Maybe I'm stressed out from work. Maybe my life is just that boring... I started the second sherbert sock tonight when I met Teri to knit. Need to finish it soon because I want to have brand new socks on needles for my trip to DC. It's a 5 hour trip with 1 hour layover, so lots of knitting time.

8 days til my vacation to see my brother...which I sincerely and utterly need at this point...Can't come fast enough.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

One sock done. I still think they look like sherbert, but I love it anyway. I'll start the next one.

Driving to Columbia this weekend for a Housing Corporation board meeting. Unfortunately, it's on a Sunday, so no trip to Hillcreek Yarn shoppe. :-( That's all for me for now. Work is keeping me extremely busy.

9 days til I go visit my brother and since he's so nice and his wife likes me, go to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. :-)

Monday, April 24, 2006

Why is every pair of socks I start my "favorite" pair. How does that happen?? My new favorite pair of socks made of the Regia Cotton Surf in the reds with orange in it. I'm loving them...even though it's just in stockinette.

You'll obviously note the sock is resting on 2" stack of papers. This is what is preventing me from making more progress on my sock. Work reading. The worst part is I only brought home half the stack of my reading. I swear, I get more stuff to read every day. Theoretically, we're supposed to be paperless, but I can't remember to read e-mails, so I print them out to read them at a time more convenient to me...which leads to the 4" high stack of reading at the corner of my desk. Bad, bad Gwen.

10 days until I leave to go see my brother. Hurrah!!! I need a break!

Friday, April 21, 2006

I'm back and I'm alive. My plane, was late last night, so I got in later than intended and I was exhausted. I didn't really sleep from Monday night until last night.
Monday night I was too worried I would miss my 6am flight so I never really went to sleep and then when I got to Tampa, there was a convention with some pretty hard partiers who would wonder in about 1am, just as I was getting to sleep (Midnight central time, my normal bedtime) and they were so loud, laughing, running into the wall. Ugghhh!!! I did get some knitting done on the plane. I unfortunately didn't have much time otherwise. We did testing until about 2pm. Went back to the hotel, worked until 6 when I met co-workers and went to dinner. Came back to the hotel and worked for 3 or so more hours. The only deviation was on Wednesday night when I went with a co-worker to an adjoining mall and went shopping for 2 hours and then went back to the hotel and worked for 3 hours. It was fun though. I bought 2 sweaters and some earrings and I lived vicariously as she bought a Gucci purse.

The only bad thing about traveling and the lack of sleep from this trip was I could barely get to work this morning. I stopped at starbucks and got a venti coffee which I finished on my 20 minute ride to work and then stopped for a Diet Coke on my way to my desk and everyone still kept asking me if I was feeling okay. I must have really looked like something the cat dragged in...

My plans for this weekend, working on my new sock, working on my shawl, buying a new phone, sleeping late and watching all the TV I DVRed while in Tampa.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

My weekend can be summed up in a few short phrases...

  • One long, long drive
  • My beautiful neice
  • Underpants eating goats
  • and a Finished object.
It was fun to go back home. The drive on Friday afternoon seemed to take forever and then tonight, they had the road shut down to one lane in two different places. It was sucking the life out of me I tell you. I did make it safe and sound, although, I did think it was a bit of a bad omen when a guy tapped my bumper at the first stop light past where I work on Friday. But, I got past that without any further incident.

My neice was absolutely beautiful. She's got hair and a
very defined little personality. She's quite the princess even though she won't wear the crown. We took her to Grant's Farm (if you don't live in St. Louis think of a cross between a zoo and a Budweiser commercial). She had a good time. She kind of like feeding the baby goats until they over-ran her trying to get to the food she had. She liked the purse I gave her.

The finished object, is my Broadripple socks in Fixation. Quickest pair I ever made. Just 7 days to complete. I love them.

Well, going to sign off. Might not be back until Friday since I'm going to a work function tomorrow night and then leave for Tampa bright and early Tuesday morning. Going to go dump my clothes out of my luggage and repack.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I was in Border's buying a birthday present last night and although I tried to resist, I had to walk over to the Knitting books. It was there...Stephanie's new book, Knitting Rules. Yep, you guessed, a 25% coupon later and it went home with me. I haven't read much of it yet, although will admit to reading the first bit while in line...and a couple of pages before I left for work this morning. I, instead finished the black and silver scarf. I'll take the book with me this weekend to read.

Although I missed knitting with Teri this evening, I did finish my laundry so I'll have clothes to wear home this weekend and to Tampa next week. My big debate now is how to cram 3 days worth of clothes into my rolling tote so I can put my computer in it and not have to carry my big honkin' computer bag when going to Tampa. I remember when I got this job, thinking how cool it was that we all got laptop computers. We could work from home rather than having to stay at work all all I do is plot ways to not have to lug my computer home...

Now, the big question is which yarn I should take to St. Louis with me this weekend to start new socks...should I continue the cotton sock trend with some Regia Cotton Surf in the reds or perhaps the Lorna's Laces or is it time for the Socks that Rock?? Decisions... Decisions...

Special note to my Sock Pal, who is working her fingers to the bone to make me, what I'm absolutely sure are going to be the most wonderful socks I own (no pressure here...), sock foot length should be 9 inches long and the other way, I usually make mine about 6 inches, and if it helps any, I wear a size 7 shoe. All Hail my sock pal and send her good wishes for no dropped stitches! Can't wait for May!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

New Objects

Not quite finished objects, but 1.5 socks and 1/2 a scarf isn't bad for work since last Friday... I'm loving the socks. The broadripple looks great and the Cascade fixation knits up so fast. The scarf is actually black and silver, but it's reflecting the pink, so it kind of looks pink. The scarf is for a work charity auction for the March of Dimes. I need to finish it by Thursday so my co-worker from St. Louis who is in town can take it back to the office. Wish me luck.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Ahem....Attention Please...

May I present to you the finished Sockapalooza socks!!!! I really like how they turned out. In spite of
what the picture looks like, they are actually really dark navy. I had a terrible case of second sock syndrome with these. I don't know why. Maybe I did 2 pairs of Jaywalker socks too close together. I actually like these even more than the first pair that I made. The pattern looks neater with the truly variagated yarn as opposed to the striping that I got with my hand dyed yarn. I hope my sock pal likes them.

So, of course, with all of my sock needles bare, I had to
start another pair right away. This picture here dipicts my second attempt at the broadripple sock tonight in Cascade Fixation. The first version done on size 3 needles was way, way too big, so I went down a needle size and I think they'll fit much better. I have surprisingly thin feet. I love, love, love the cascade fixation and the yarn is just that bright. These are for me. Hurrah!!!

My parents are coming tomorrow. I've cleaned my house within an inch of it's life. Unfortunately, as often happens in my life, external forces have conspired against me and the tall set of shelves in my walk in closet fell off the wall while I was at work today. My dresses and pantsuits are not lying on the floor of my closet still attached to the rack. Really beautiful for my first guests.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Done! Done! Done!!!!!!

The Jaywalkers are done!!!! Finished at 10pm this evening. Unfortunately stupid blogger won't let me post pictures. UGHH!!! I wanted to show them off. I'm so excited.

So pictures tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

My new mantra: Must finish the Sockapaloooza socks...Must finish the sockapaloooza socks.

I'm not allowing myself to start any new socks until I finish my sockapalooza socks, so of course, working on them is the furthest thing in the world I want to do. On top of that, I knit them on size 1 needles, so although I've finished turning the heel and the gusset, it still seems like I have miles and miles of knitting left to do. I knit and I knit and I knit and it never seems to get any longer....UGHHH!!! Second Sock Syndrome rears it's ugly head.

I even stopped working on my shawl to try and speed up the process. Adding to all of this is the fact that when I got out my sock yarn stash to take pictures, I began to admire all the sock yarn and remember why I bought the sock yarn and imagine all the beautiful socks I could make with the sock yarn. Are you getting the picture here???? Must finish sockapaloooza socks.

So, as incentive, I'm trying to decide which pair to knit up 2nd to next. The Cascade Fixation that I'm going to do in the Broadripple pattern are next, but I'm doing a lot of traveling in the near future. 5 hours to Tampa and back on a plane plus two nights in a hotel without a lot to do. 11 hours (plane rid plus layovers) back and forth) to DC to see my brother. That's a lot of knitting time. So, on the tampa trip, I'll probably finish the pair of broadripple socks. Assuming I start one before I leave and get some of it done. So, that leaves me with what to bring with me to DC. Hmmm. The Socks that Rock in Scottish Highland??? (I can buy more at MSW - The Fold will be there) The Lorna's Laces in the Creamsicle Orange, Teal and Cream??? Maybe some of the Regia Cotton that just came home??? What to do, what to do??? The choices, oh the choices...

Must finish the Sockapaloooza socks... Must finish the sockapaloooza socks.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Only me...

I took off work at 3pm to go to see the eye doctor. I discovered upon moving to a new city, where I actually had to watch the street signs, that perhaps my eyesight had deteriorated a little...well, okay, a lot. I was on my last pair of contacts anyway, so I made an appointment for Tuesday and as I was on the phone with them, put it in my Lotus Notes calendar at work (which should my work computer ever die, I will lose my life, birthdays, anniversaries, appts., meetings, conference calls...I'm feeling sick to my stomach just contemplating it). So, I show up for the appointment promptly at 3:30 and they don't have my appointment in the books. What's going on? They asked if I was in the wrong place. Between Hy-Vee and Meyer Music??? Yes, that's exactly where I was. seems that my appointment was...ummm....yesterday... Ummm...yeah...

Monday, April 03, 2006

I was an hour behind all day. I wasn't late to work, I did remember to set my clocks back. Actually, my cable box resets itself and my parent's bought me a cool alarm clock several years ago with a Daylight savings time button so I didn't really reset anything, I just hit a button. But I felt like I was an hour behind all day. It took me longer to get ready this morning. I was late to my 9am meeting because I was working and didn't realize it was 9. I went to lunch at about 12:30 because I forgot. It was 5:30pm and I was still working away at my desk not even thinking about packing up and going home in spite of the fact that I'd been there since 7:30am. Ughhh! I did appreciate the fact that it stayed later this evening, but that just encouraged the fact that I was an hour behind.

I've been continuing to surf some of the Stash flashers. I really felt bad about mine. It was like my dirty little secret and as I kept pulling out more and more and more yarn. I was kind of shocked. Not shocked enough not to buy more on Saturday, but shocked. Then as I've been perusing sites, I realized I really didn't have that big of a stash. Not compared to some. In fact, I have a lot of room to go before I can feel guilty about how much yarn I have. I can buy more. I have patterns that need yarn. (Can you tell I booked my tickets to DC to see my brother and go to MSW??)

In other news, turned the heel on the Sockapaloooza Jaywalker sock tonight. I'm on the home stretch and I can't wait. I want to start a new pair of socks so badly. These should be finished by the weekend. I'm motivated.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

I heart Grey's Anatomy. I was feeling kind of out of sorts and tired today. New bed coupled with the loud and bright (lightening) storm last night that seemed to go on forever. I'd almost drop off and then there would be a huge loud boom of thunder and then I'd almost fall out of bed, so needless to say between that, the new bed and losing an hour for daylight savings time, I was a bit tired today. I did manage to clean up my kitchen and go shopping for a bit. Looking for a bed set for my bed. I have an idea in my mind of what I want, but I just can't find it.

So, to get back to Grey's Anatomy...I was kind in a funk and didn't feel like knitting until...I saw Meredith knitting tonight. I had to knit too. So, I finished the cuff and started the heel flap on the Jaywalker socks for my sock pal. I can't wait to finish. I'm totally addicted to that show. I'm totally in love with George. I just want to take him home with me. All those people calling Patrick Dempsey McDreamy are missing the boat.

In Stash Enhancement news, I only bought 1 ball of yarn at Yarn Barn. I bought a ball of the Rowan Cashsoft for the Odessa hat. I already have beads so that's a go. I did buy some size 3 bamboo needles for my Cascade fixation and then a pattern book. Not bad, if I do say so myself.