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Friday, April 21, 2006

I'm back and I'm alive. My plane, was late last night, so I got in later than intended and I was exhausted. I didn't really sleep from Monday night until last night.
Monday night I was too worried I would miss my 6am flight so I never really went to sleep and then when I got to Tampa, there was a convention with some pretty hard partiers who would wonder in about 1am, just as I was getting to sleep (Midnight central time, my normal bedtime) and they were so loud, laughing, running into the wall. Ugghhh!!! I did get some knitting done on the plane. I unfortunately didn't have much time otherwise. We did testing until about 2pm. Went back to the hotel, worked until 6 when I met co-workers and went to dinner. Came back to the hotel and worked for 3 or so more hours. The only deviation was on Wednesday night when I went with a co-worker to an adjoining mall and went shopping for 2 hours and then went back to the hotel and worked for 3 hours. It was fun though. I bought 2 sweaters and some earrings and I lived vicariously as she bought a Gucci purse.

The only bad thing about traveling and the lack of sleep from this trip was I could barely get to work this morning. I stopped at starbucks and got a venti coffee which I finished on my 20 minute ride to work and then stopped for a Diet Coke on my way to my desk and everyone still kept asking me if I was feeling okay. I must have really looked like something the cat dragged in...

My plans for this weekend, working on my new sock, working on my shawl, buying a new phone, sleeping late and watching all the TV I DVRed while in Tampa.


  • At 10:49 PM, Blogger Chris said…

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend plan. I feel a bit better about not ever getting to travel for work - yikes!

    I love the stripiness of the sock. It goes quite nicely with your blogger template. :)


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