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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Final Sockapaloooza update

Here's the package I'm sending to my sockapalooza pal, minus the postcard, which I haven't gotten and hope they have at the one stop mail place.

The lovely Jaywalker socks done in Opal. Some knitting notecards and some lovely knitpicks sock yarn that I hand dyed in those beautiful shades of blue and green. I'll probably throw in some wonderful chocolate before I send it out into the world tomorrow. Now don't you wish you were my pal???

I, at one time, was so excited because my sunroom overlooked a field/creek bed. I imagined days spent knitting in my chair looking at the growing plants, trees, flowers that magically appearred. It was all romantic and lovely...unfortunately, I forgot that among the many living things in the field, creek bed were also 4+ legged things that seem to make noise. A lot of noise. It's like a cricket chorus or something else...high pitched droning sound (yes, I sadly have doglike hearing...). UGHHHH, Nature.

3.5 days til my vacation to see my brother. I can't wait!!!!!


  • At 9:25 PM, Blogger Chris said…

    Lucky sockpal! I really love the skein that you dyed, too - beautiful colors.


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