Shoes and Yarn

This blog is dedicated to my search for the perfect shoes and the perfect yarn.

Monday, December 27, 2004

I'm taking a break...

From blogging you ask, since I haven't blogged in a week??? No, from the Euchre card marathon that's been going on for two days. We even played by the heat of the stove after the heat went out for most of the day yesterday. Yes, we are dedicated or crazy, whatever your viewpoint. My sister-in-law and I are the queens of Euchre, we've beat all of our opponents so far.

So other than the wonky furnace, Christmas has been good. There's been the winning at Euchre (Yeah Alicia!!!) and I got some great gifts. I finally got a good digital camera (Hurrah!!!!) and I got a food processor (Hurrah!!!) and lots of other stuff. Pictures from my new camera will be forthcoming as soon as the batteries charge. I'm off work this week, so I'll be writing and knitting more after my brother and sister-in-law leave on Tuesday - which will not stop me from going to the yarn sale at knitorious today, never fear...

Thursday, December 16, 2004

I'm knitting as fast as I can

I was overly ambitious in my knitting projects last year for Christmas and didn't finish them all sending me scurrying to the mall at the last moment, so I decided to reign it in a bit this year. Below is the Misty Garden Scarf from the Scarf Style book for my boss. I like it so much, I think I'll make one for myself as well. Well, after I finish the Ruffled scarf and the Faina Scarf that is...

I also finished these two adorable hats for my bosses twins. One boy and one girl. I could have made two of the snowman hats, but I was looking for a little variety. I hope the snowman hat fits and isn't to big, but my boss does mention her sons big melon all the time, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

With those finished and another hat for an x-mas gift finished, I started yet another hat for an x-mas gift tonight and I have one more to make. Last year was the christmas of scarves and socks. This year it's hats. I have a week and 1 day so I might make it as long as I don't allow myself to become distracted by cookie baking or channel 9 TV.

Monday, December 13, 2004

I'm about to give up...

I need just a few more gifts and I even know what I want, but when I go look for it, it's not there. So I try another store, not there either. Y0u would think I would call ahead, but how can you ask for something that sort of looks like this, that you saw when you were shopping, but can't remember the brand name or even which store??? I'm going to drive my self crazy. 6 gifts left to buy and counting. It was 8, but I managed to secure 2 more this evening. I also finished the scarf I was knitting for my boss. I'd include pictures, but my camera is out in the car and no way am I going out in the cold again tonight. I knit the Misty garden scarf in some Queensland mohair. It turned out really nice I think. I've already finished the 2 hats for her twin toddlers. Now it's on to a hat for that surprise person. Maybe I can squeeze in a hat for another person on my list...hmmm...Only time will tell.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Wrapped around her finger

So I skipped dinner last night with the knitters to go visit my new niece. I was going to go to B&N to meet with everyone because I really do need to work on finishing up my X-mas projects. But, I was holding her (6:30) and I was just going to stay a little bit longer. My cousin and his wife stopped by so I stayed to visit a few minutes with them. (7:00). Had to hold Lindsay again just one more time, I promise. (7:30). Well, when I finally left at 8:15 or so I decided I should just go home because I needed to wrap some gifts and do some laundry and see my house for a few minutes before falling in bed since I haven't been home before 10pm since last week. I never did even knit a stitch last night.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

I'm an aunt!!!!

Is this not the most beautiful child in the world or what??

I cried when I first saw her. Lindsay Madison was born at 5:30am this morning. She weighs in at a heft 6lbs and 11 oz and is 20 inches long. Family consensus is that she has inherited Kelly's eyes and nose, Jason's mouth and the infamous Field Family toes. What are the Field Family toes you might inquire. The are unnaturally long toes with two knuckles. Yes it's pretty sad when you look at a 6 hour old baby and you can already tell. Other than that, she's beautiful. (I'm not prejudiced either) She has pale skin. She's not red or wrinkled. Her head doesn't have a defined cone shape. I will say she already has a will of her own. If she's awake, she does not want her arms to be in the swaddling. In fact, I think that she would prefer not to be swaddled and naked, as evidenced by the fact that she managed to untie and wrestle mostly out of the shirt they had her in inside the swaddling. Yep, Kelly and Jason did a good job with this one.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

False alarm

It seems that Baby Lindsay is quite content in her current home and despite the best efforts (and lots of drugs) she is quite stubbornly remaining where she is. Inducing labor wasn't working , so my sister was released from the hospital to go home, hungry and tired. So, we're on hold until Monday unless she spontaneously goes into labor.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Labor & Delivery Sock

Yes, you heard that correctly and no, not me. My sister was induced this evening so tomorrow or early Sunday, I should be an aunt!!!! My friend Julie, will be the proud owner of the Labor & Delivery socks. I had started this pair on Wednesday night at knitting, but was unhappy with the toe so while sitting with my sister this evening, I frogged the sock and re-started. They came in and told us the baby wouldn't be here by morning, so I gracefully exited myself to seek the warmth and comfort of my own bed as opposed to the cold hospital floor. My momma didn't raise no fool. I figured she might also get a little rest without the cadre of family watching the monitors, her every move, every twinge, etc. So more news and pictures to follow.

I'm going to be an aunt!!!!