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Sunday, September 26, 2010

AWOL and back again

So, life has interfered lately. I've been busy. Work, life, shopping for a new home. I'm looking for a home to buy and it's a lot more difficult than I imagined. The ones I love are more than I can afford. The ones I can afford, need a lot of work. So, finding one that balances my need for a safe neighborhood, a price I can afford and doesn't need a complete makeover has proven to be difficult, but I will persevere.

There has been knitting going on. The first is the superwash merino roving I bought at Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival last year.
It's from Bitsy Knits and is the Goodnight my dear colorway. It spun up like a dream and I'm navajo plying it and it's ending up as a 3 ply fingering weight. I've been trying to get this one at least spun up so that I wouldn't feel so guilty buying more fiber at the festival today. I have a little bit more to ply, but I at least finished the first skein.

There has been more spinning. This is the Alpaca Kaboodle batt that Bethany bought for me at MDSW.

I spun it into a laceweight yarn of about 240 yds.

And finally, this is the Sheep to Shoe kit I bought at Stitches Midwest 4 years ago I think.
It was fun. It came out as almost a light worsted and way, way to pretty to be socks. There are 450 yds, so I'm thinking a small shawl.

So, since I've made so much progress spinning up my fiber stash, I didn't feel guilty...or at least I rationalized buying more fiber at the Shenandoah fiber festival....
It's about 22 oz of fiber added to the stash. Going from left to right:
8 oz of BFL/Silk mix - can't remember who was the vender
4 oz Wool/Bamboo Cotton mix (brown taffy looking stuff at the back) from Gurby Fiber Mill
5.2 oz Merino/Silk blend from Lizard Toes
1 oz Fairy Wing Batt from Bitsy Knits
4 oz Alpaca Sari Silk roving from the Central Virginia Fiber Mill
Now, the real question is between this, the leftover roving from MDSW in the spring, and my Stitches Midwest purchases, what should I spin next???? Hmmmm.
There has been knitting, but that is a post for another day.