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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Yes, I'm still alive. Part II

Okay, so, it was the busy time at work. I worked a ton of hours. Got home late, went in early. Didn't do anything besides work, much less knit. But, that's finally over and there has been knitting.

First, another Rainbow Marley hat for a co-worker who is having a little boy. This is my favorite hat on little boys.
I also made a bib, not pictured as part of my gift.

Other than that, the longest knit in the world, is finally making it's way towards the final stages of completion.
Yes, I seamed... Here is the bodice up closer before I attached the back.
I still have to attach the front lace panel and the two sleeves.
I really want to mock up the sleeves first. I wanted to make them slightly longer, but thought I was out of yarn. I have since found another ball of it, so if after trying one on, I can reknit them and make them a bit longer if need be.
Other than that, this weekend was all about me. I got a hair cut and highlights and now I look all cute again. I also got a pedicure, but the experience was not what I anticipated. I went to my normal salon, but they were busy, so I got the most rushed pedicure in the world and my toenails have a crappy paint job. It kind of ruined the whole pamper me day.
Other than that, looking forward to my vacation in St. Louis in two weeks. I'm looking forward to being ordered around by my 4 year old neice. I'm sure she will plan a few busy days for me and I will spoil her rotten. It's a trade off that works well for both of us.