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Sunday, January 09, 2011

The post with no pictures

So, I accidently forgot my camera at my parent's house over christmas time. They're sending it back to me, but until then, we will be pictureless.

The first FO of the year. I finished the Sleeping Beauty baby blanket this week. It looks amazing. I will never do another one. With a picot bindoff, I ended up binding off something like 3000 stitches and it took me 4 hours. But it does look amazing and I will post pictures as soon as I get my camera back.

I started a new sock monkey for my littlest nephew's birthday in March. It may be my favorite of the 3 that I've made, but don't tell my other neice and nephew. I've finished the body and and a leg an a half, so it will definitely be done in time for my trip to Tokyo. Hurrah!

In spinning news, I started some mocha blend BFL that I bought at Stitches midwest. It's spinning up to be a light/dark brown yarn. I'm doing it as a navajo 3 ply and it's coming out at about a sport weight yarn. It looks beautiful.

On the house front, I'm mostly moved into my house. All the boxes have been opened. The basement still has quite a few boxes simply because I need more bookcases. I still don't have any furniture in my main living room, which sucks. I've been to most of the furniture stores in Northern Virginia now and I'm getting frustrated. I just want comfy and poufy and something that you could cuddle up in a corner on a cold winter's day and knit. Is that too much to ask??

The countdown to my trip to Tokyo is at 7 weeks. I'm attempting to avoid all ice and stay healthy. Taking my vitamins and eating healthy. Hurrah!