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Monday, August 29, 2011

Stitches - The Haul

Here it is...the Stitches Haul. What you're looking at is:
1.1 oz Bombyx Silk in Black Orchid from Jazz Turtle Creations
4 oz Faux Cashmere in Crape Myrtle from Jazz Turtle Creations
2 bags of Cascade Dolce from Webs
2 oz Real Cashmere in Sangria from Jazz Turtle Creations - Sensing that I love her yet??
2 bobbins for my wheel
4.6 oz Bullseye Batt from Loop in Black Cherry.
3 oz Alpaca Roving from Pajolo Alpacas - Favorite Vendor year after year. Linda rocks@
5 skeins of Plymouth Baby Bunny in Orange For a baby sweater
4 skeins Valley Yarns Northfield For a Harry Potter Scarf
2 Skeins Heron - Green yarn in the back - It's Part New Zealand Possom. Oh My!
2 Skeins Berocco Vintage in Yellow For a Harry Potter Scarf
Spinning out of Control Print from the Sheep Icognito series
3 pattern - Leslie Ellis' Baby Doll Cardigan, Roar Stegasaurus Mittens, Roar Stegasaurus Hat
Hiya Hiya Interchangeable needles in sizes 5, 6,& 7 in the 5" size - which I love!
32" and 40" Hiya Hiya interchangeable cords - because I never have these sizes when I need one
a Wraps per inch tool
Last Knitter Standing game - Who knew there was a knitting game?????
Not pictured - 1 skein of Zealana Willow and 1 skein of Claudia Hand Painted Silk lace yarn. Both of which I got for free! and 1 hat pattern, which they're going to send me.
Whew! what a haul and I got that plus 8 days worth of clothing, business and casual into my suitcase. FTW!

My Friend Colleen also made me the cutest sheep hanging ornament in her newest hobby stained glass. I love him. He made it home without breaking. Woo Hoo!!!
As I mentioned above, I had 8 days worth of clothes with me because I was on a business trip before going to stitches with no break back home to drop stuff off. I managed to miss the earthquake outside of DC while I was in Orlando on business. Then, while in Chicago, I managed to miss the hurricane/tropical storm hit in the area. I guess Mother Nature decided that I lived through my natural disaster for the year early in the Tokyo earthquake.
While in Orlando I did go to Harry Potter world which was cool. Zonko's was the best. Got wants for me and my neice.
Glad to finally be back home. Now, I'm petting my cashmere and admiring my new stash enhancement. Soon, I'll have to put it away and reclaim my family room.