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Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011, the year in review.

So, I have been a terrible blogger this year. I've been caught up in work drama, house drama and travel...and just other things. I have been knitting and spinning a lot, including completing the Tour de Fleece in the summer. So, all in all, I think I may have knit fewer items than before, but I did accomplish a goal to knit wiht my own handspun and many of the items I did knit were out of my handspun. So, here it is:
Baby Sweater - 1
Baby Hat - 2
Baby Blanket - 1
Child Mittens - 2
Child Hats - 2
Socks - 2
Scarves - 2
Gloves - 1
Fingerless Mitts - 2
Shawls - 2
Sock Monkey - 1
Favorite knit of the year - Knotty Gloves. I love, love, love them. Followed close by the Roar hats and mittens that I knit for my nephews out of my own handspun.
On the spinning front, I ended up spinning up almost 5 lbs. of fiber. Woo Hoo! Spinning included:
Breaking Black Merino - 4oz
Winterhaven Cormo - 4oz
Winterhaven Cormo/Tencel - 4oz
Dragonfly Fibers Merino - 40z
Electric Blue - 4 oz **Spindle Spun
Natural BFL - 5.9oz
Green Mystery Wool - 3 oz
Natural Alpaca - 8oz
Strawberries Merino - 4 oz
Blue Superwash - 80z
Red Superwash - 8oz
Wild Fibers Special - 2 oz
Wow! Huge improvement from 2010...minus the broken ankle too.


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