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Monday, April 03, 2006

I was an hour behind all day. I wasn't late to work, I did remember to set my clocks back. Actually, my cable box resets itself and my parent's bought me a cool alarm clock several years ago with a Daylight savings time button so I didn't really reset anything, I just hit a button. But I felt like I was an hour behind all day. It took me longer to get ready this morning. I was late to my 9am meeting because I was working and didn't realize it was 9. I went to lunch at about 12:30 because I forgot. It was 5:30pm and I was still working away at my desk not even thinking about packing up and going home in spite of the fact that I'd been there since 7:30am. Ughhh! I did appreciate the fact that it stayed later this evening, but that just encouraged the fact that I was an hour behind.

I've been continuing to surf some of the Stash flashers. I really felt bad about mine. It was like my dirty little secret and as I kept pulling out more and more and more yarn. I was kind of shocked. Not shocked enough not to buy more on Saturday, but shocked. Then as I've been perusing sites, I realized I really didn't have that big of a stash. Not compared to some. In fact, I have a lot of room to go before I can feel guilty about how much yarn I have. I can buy more. I have patterns that need yarn. (Can you tell I booked my tickets to DC to see my brother and go to MSW??)

In other news, turned the heel on the Sockapaloooza Jaywalker sock tonight. I'm on the home stretch and I can't wait. I want to start a new pair of socks so badly. These should be finished by the weekend. I'm motivated.


  • At 9:11 AM, Blogger Chris said…

    Yes, a lot of the flasher made me feel good about my stash too. I have enough to knit a new item every week for 2 years, but somehow can't keep up with a schedule like that.
    So now you won't have any quilt when shopping at MSW and Stitches.

  • At 7:59 PM, Blogger Beth said…

    I thought your stash was an appropriate size, even though I razzed you for it. I found it interesting that you had more than I even though I've been at it longer than you.


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