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Sunday, May 02, 2010

True friendship

True friends will buy you fiber in absentia at MDSW and then carry it around in 90 degree heat while they finish their own purchases. A huge thanks to Vicki and Bethany who took my money and brought me back fabulous fiber. Now I don't feel quite so bad about not going.
So, here's the new fiber stash:
Top Row
* 14.5 oz of superwash merino in Cardinal
* Mystery wool - 2 big balls of it about 20 oz or so all together.
*8oz of superwash merino in Admiral
* 4oz of Cormo Tencel roving from Winterhaven Fiber Farm - It's lucious
Bottom Row
*9.7 oz of superwash merino in Loden
* Handpainted silk cap from Spinners Hill - so fabulous!
* Alpaca Kaboodle "Art batts in a bag - It's alpaca, merino, silk, tencel, & angelina - It sparkles and is sooo, sooo soft.
* 1oz batt from WildMeadow - 50% angora, 50% merino/silk/alpaca
Not pictured is 1lb un undyed merino wool.

Altogether fabulous and I never left my house. Now, I need to get spinning as much as the ankle will allow.