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Sunday, June 12, 2011

You spin me around

So, it's time for my monthly post, this time with lots of spinnning pron. Life as usual has been crazy. It was the busy time work for me, so I haven't had a lot of free time, but I have been making good use of my free time...and I find spinning stress relieving. So, above, we have, what was once some plain white roving, that was dyed by a friend, Nanishiori and who dubbed the colorway "Strawberries." I ended up with about 350 yds of aDK weight from close to 4oz.
Up next we have some Dragonfly Fibers merino roving in the colorway Azalea. I love this colorway. I ended up with 544 yards of fingering weight from 4 oz.
Finally, we have more roving dyed by Nanishiori, this this time in the colorway Breaking black. I have a bit more to ply, but so far, I have 155 yds of a worsted weight yarn.
And now, just so you don't think that I'm not knitting any of the yarns that I'm spinning, the Royal Wedding shawl. It's knit from my Blue moon fiber arts Sheep 2 Shoe kit...but it was just too pretty to put on a foot. I started this the day of the royal wedding and it's just beautiful.
Well, there is more knitting happening. I'm making the Amiga sweater from knitty and a pair of socks. Other than that, looking forward Tour de Fleece in July. Hurrah.