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Sunday, February 21, 2010

The oldest UFO

So, way back in July of 2007, I started the Lady Eleanor Stole....and then I packed it up and moved to DC. In my new home, I unpacked it, but threw it in my UFO box because I had somehow lost my passion for entrelac. Well, thanks to the Ravelympics, I picked up an finished Lady Elenaor. Isn't she beautiful.
So project details
Lady Eleanor stole from Scarf Style
Noro Silk Garden colorway 247
Size 8 needles

There has been other knitting in between nursing visits and trips to the doctor.

First a generic hat that I improvised a pattern for that is for one of the people who rushed out of their apartment to help me when I fell on the ice and lay there in the slush.

Next is the Baroness Beret in Miss Babs Merino/Bamboo yarn. It's more of a heathered purple pink than you see in the picture. For the second neighbor who came to my aid. They're a couple and have been super nice in my recovery.
And finally, the a pair of socks that I finished in the hospital. These will go to a good friend who needs a pick me up.
Since I had such luck finishing a very old UFO, I've picked up another one. I'm working on a Clapotis that I started in November of 2007. :-)
On the health report, got the PIC line out and have transitioned from IV antibiotics to oral antibiotics. Still have the wound vac and still can't put any weight on the ankle. Also started physical therapy this week, which while helping, is at times painful.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Took an involuntary hiatus...

Last saturday, on my way to join the gym (new year's resolution), I slipped on water covered ice and broke my ankle. I didn't just brake my ankle, but had a displaced compound fracture that required 3 surgies, 10 screws, a metal plate and a 12 day hospital stay to sort of fix. I say sort of because I'm sitting at home in my chair with a wound vac under my boot sucking away and IV antibiotics flowing into my veins. So, the prognosis, surprisingly good given the doctor said it was one of the worst breaks he had ever seen. He managed to get everything reconnected and I should have full range of motion several months downt he road.

I'll be non-weight bearing for 5-6 more weeks. The wound vac should just be on 1-2 more weeks and the IV antibiotics should continue for 3-4 more weeks. Wee Fun. Needless to say I'm not going to be leaving my house for several weeks and should have lots of knitting time. I guess that's the silver lining if there is in this situation.