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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Only me...

I took off work at 3pm to go to see the eye doctor. I discovered upon moving to a new city, where I actually had to watch the street signs, that perhaps my eyesight had deteriorated a little...well, okay, a lot. I was on my last pair of contacts anyway, so I made an appointment for Tuesday and as I was on the phone with them, put it in my Lotus Notes calendar at work (which should my work computer ever die, I will lose my life, birthdays, anniversaries, appts., meetings, conference calls...I'm feeling sick to my stomach just contemplating it). So, I show up for the appointment promptly at 3:30 and they don't have my appointment in the books. What's going on? They asked if I was in the wrong place. Between Hy-Vee and Meyer Music??? Yes, that's exactly where I was. seems that my appointment was...ummm....yesterday... Ummm...yeah...


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