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Friday, April 20, 2007

Ummmm...Houston, we have a problem...

So, I'm an inch into the Krista Tee and I decided to make sure that it would fit my hips before I went any farther...and when I stretched it out instead of having it squished altogether on my circular...

I discovered this... Yes, you can barely tell, but it's a twist in my circle. You can obviously tell from the fact that it is a sweater and not a mobius that this is an issues. UGHHH!!!!!!!! Yes, it's frogged and restarted.

The Krista Tee has kind of typified my week this week. 2 steps forward 4 steps back. The only good news is that I got my car back all fixed up. The ended up having to replace the bumper because although it just looked scratched on the outside apparently it was all crumpled on the inside. So, just in time for the warm up, the convertible is back. Yeah!!! I, of course, had the top down on the ride home today.

I'm going on a yarn crawl tomorrow with the local knitting guild, so I'll be sure to post pictures and...ummm...hopefully not too many stash enhancement photos tomorrow.


  • At 2:29 PM, Blogger Chris said…

    Alas! But at least you discovered it before you got too far.

    Hope you had fun on the yarn crawl! I had a few checkbook accidents yesterday at our local "Yarnover" (an extremely mini-Stitches).


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