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Saturday, March 24, 2007

It's officially spring now in my world. I performed those two activities that in my world signify it's officially spring.

First, I took the first convertible ride of the season. Which, of course required about 30 minutes of cleaning all the junk out of it so I could drive around with the top down without hitting anyone with empty Diet Coke cans or directions to someone's house.

Secondly, I did my semi-annual closet cleaning. It's that time of year when I put away my winter sweaters and take out the short-sleeve shirts or the reverse in the fall. I also go through and decide what clothing to give away. What's gotten rundown and unwearable, what's good but I'm not wearing. If I didn't wear it all year, I'll take a look at it and decide whether I'm going to wear it next year. Some stuff I keep and then if I don't wear it again the next year. Goodwill or some other person who will wear it. Works great. So, I now have a 2 foot pile of clothing that I need to decide what to do with, but that's a job for another day.

Welcome Spring!


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