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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I was all worried about bowling, when I should have been worried about something altogether different. My day Monday started bright and early. I made it to the airport. I parked the car in long term parking. All is going well and then...I...took a really big step off the shuttle bus to the airport. So big, I in fact missed 2 steps and me and my luggage and my purse and my computer bag ended up in a heap on the concrete. I was, of course, mortified since the shuttle was packed with people. I picked my self up and went into the airport. It wasn't until I sat on the plane that I began to notice that "Gee, my ass really hurts..." In fact, truly, only the left butt cheek really hurt. Then, gosh, my palm really hurts. Gee, theirs a piece of glass stuck in there. The worst part, aside from the ginormous blue bruise on my butt is for the next three days, I had to sit in various conference session on my bruised butt. Ouch!!

I did go bowling, and other than being utterly embarassed by my score in the game (I broke 60 on the 3rd game and that was the highpoint) it was all good.

So, I'm home now. My plane from O'Hare was only 35 minutes late to be a record. High point of the conference, you might ask?? The last session was on leadership and they played the video of Martin Luther King's "I have a dream speech" in it's entirety. From the minute he took the podium. I've read the speech in it's entirety but I had never watched him deliver from start to finish. Just seen the clips they show on TV. It was amazing to watch from start to finish. I even teared up. Half the room teared up. It was a so effective.


  • At 6:08 AM, Blogger Chris said…

    Ouch!!!!! Are you doing ok now?! Sounds like that would've made bowling painful, too.

    Very, very cool about the MLK speech.


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