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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Wet, wet, wet...Ughhh!

I think the word for the weekend is wet. Sadly, neither Beth or I had figured out how to control the rain. In spite of the rain, we soldiered on and had a great weekend.

On Thursday, we went to see Jimmy Buffett. We went early to check out everything and it, of course, decided to open up the heavens and pour down rain. Ughhh! Some nice gentlemen from Tennessee invited us under their shelter and shared their whiskey and beer. It had mostly dried up by concert time and Jimmy was, of course, excellent as always.

Friday, we went to Penn Station for lunch (how I miss it living in KC!). Then we went to see Ratatouille. It was cute. In the evening, we had tickets to see the Florence Freedom, a local minor league type baseball team. It was raining... We thought they'd call the game because it was really pouring, but they didn't. Eventually, we were cold and wet and decided we were done, so we left and later watched the fireworks from Beth's apartment.

Saturday, while didn't rain, we went on a yarn crawl. We went to lots of good yarn stores. Fiber Naturell, Fiberge, Just one more Row and Knits and Fabrications. I didn't buy anything on Saturday, but the day before, I'd purchased some lace weight Malabrigo. It's lucious!!!

Sunday, I traveled back home. Unfortunately, got delayed in Milwaukee and got home at 8:30 instead of 6:30. I decided to put the top down on the convertible and blast some Jimmy Buffet to finish off the weekend...unfortunately, while I was driving down the highway at 70mph in the fast lane, I ran into a wall of water. It went from no rain to POURING! I couldn't get over because of an 18 wheeler and there was no where to pull off, so, I'm trying to get over to an exit where I can get off and put the top up, I'm getting soaked. So, finally, I get behind this guy going 5mph on the exit and get to the top and a red light. I put the top off starts raining inside the car. Yep, water had collected on the inside of the top and when I put it up, it started raining inside the car. Ummm. Yeah. So, needless to say, I was soaked. The inside of my car was soaked. Even though I had to walk up 4 buildings from where I parked my car with my luggage, I didn't even bother with an umbrella. Iwas that wet. Ugghhh!!

I will say, all in all the weekend was fun. I got to spend time with Beth, who I haven't seen in awhile and have missed. We knitted, we shopped for yarn...WE WENT TO SEE JIMMY BUFFETT. What more can you ask for??


  • At 8:12 AM, Blogger bethc said…

    So sorry about the weather, seems like the week-end was about a wash out everywhere. At least you were able to make the best of it!

  • At 11:58 AM, Blogger Beth said…

    Oh dear. Sounds like a fitting end to the weekend, though.

    I'm going to buy a nice umbrella, and be sure to take it to stitches; that way it won't rain at all. :)

  • At 4:11 PM, Blogger Christine said…

    Sounds like an awesome, yet wet, weekend! WOO HOO for sharing shelter and whiskey with gentlemen at the Jimmy Buffet concert. How cool is that?


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