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Monday, July 23, 2007

So, I'm back and I'm alive. Just barely. My plane got in a half an hour late last night at almost midnight. By the time, I collected my luggage, my car and drove home from the airport. I got in bed at 1:36. Yep and worse, I couldn't even hit snooze more than once because I had to be at work this morning for an 8am meeting. Ughhh!!!

So, I think I may have found a place to live. I found a place I like, but unfortunately, they don't have any units available 9/1. I'm going to see if they have something for 10/1 and then I'll just suffer through corporate housing for a month...might take my household goods that long to catch up with me anyway... If not, I found something that was okay and livable. Sadly, for you DCites, I've decided living in some of the more populated places is not for me, so I'm going to live out in Reston. 9.2 miles from the office....will probably still take me 45 minutes to get there, but I'm okay with that. So, hopefully, sometime this week I will have procurred a place to live. Just so you don't think I didn't check out the sites. I did visit 2 local yarn stops. I bought some commemorative yarn in honor of my trip. The first below is some laceweight alpaca in Mossy Hollow.
And to commemorate the move to Virgina, some Merino/Tencel sock yarn in "Virginia Creeper" colorway. I like it a lot.
Both yarn stores, Aylins Woolgatherer and Uniquities, had a good selection and very nice staff. I look forward to exploring more yarn stores once I move, but I had to check out what was on my route.

Onto the Harry Potter news. I managed to procur a book on Sunday before I left. I started reading it at 7pm EST while waiting to board the plane and (due in part to the 30 minute delay) finished it just as the plane hit the ground in KC. You'll have to imagine the scenario. Dark plane. Everyone is sleeping except for me in the back. Guy next to me is snoring and tears are running down my face and I'm sniffling. I can only be thankful that everyone was asleep..or at least pretending to be asleep so they didn't have to pay attention to the crazy woman in the back of the plane reading and crying. I loved it. I did feel that a few things were hurried up at the end. All in all, I was happy with the way it ended. I almost feel the need to reread it again just to see what I missed. I already reread the last 75 pages this evening because I just had to reread the end again. Even better the second time through.


  • At 8:17 PM, Blogger cici said…

    Welcome to the dc metropolitan area. I also live here.. and there a lot of wonderful Yarn stores here. Reston is a cool place to live. I think you will like it. Everything you need within a short distance... But the traffic can be a nightmare. I live in md. and so far I havent been to Uniquities, It must be the only one in this area that I missed.. Will check it out soon.. I live closer to A Tangled Skein, near College Park.


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