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Monday, June 11, 2007

Ugghhh! The sunburn still hurts. Bad. I had a gaggle full of interns in for the first day today and I kept calling "bathroom/drink" breaks, which were really code for Gwen was going to walk back to her desk and apply aloe with lidocaine to her sunburnt neck before she goes insane breaks. Who knew getting burnt in a 2 inch strip from behind your ear to the crook in your neck hurt so bad...

I did not go to the gym tonight because, quite frankly after the day I had, I didn't really want to be around any more people. So Leslie Poundstone and I did the 20 minute "Walk away the Pounds" workout. Leslie and I lost quite a bit of weight several years ago when I would do it every day. Sadly, I can almost recite the workout with her to this day. Alas, the workout got boring, so I've gone a different route and am working out at the gym. Since I have this new dedication to exercise and I skipped the gym, it was an okay substitute. Certainly better than sitting in front of the TV.

After Leslie and I had our fun, I will admit after the workout, I did sit in front of the TV and knit. I started a new project. The Nashua Surplice Top. So far, I've got about an inch of the garter stitch at the bottom, so nothing really to show. I'm doing it in the Nashua June in color 003. So far I'm totally loving knitting with it. I heart it. So, as soon as I've got some of the lace work to show, I'll post it.

4 more days until Friday. Two entire days of meetings on Weds and Thurs. Here's hoping I can hang in there...


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