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Sunday, June 10, 2007

I'm exhausted and sunburnt. Sadly, going back to work next week might actually be less exhausting then my weekend.

First off, I forgot my camera. Yes, Gwen sucks. The morning started very early... We had a whole day in honor of Worldwide Knit in Public day. We started in the morning at Knit Wit in Olathe, KS. We love, love, love this shop, but it's in Olathe and ummm, well at least when I'm driving...a bit of a problem to find. Yes, I passed the highway exit and then went the wrong way and it was a series of wrong turns. But, although Johanna was slightly car sick, we finally made it. I looked around, but managed not to buy anything for myself (still feeling guilty from the Patternworks Koigu order) and settled for living vicariously and buying Carmen Trekking that she wanted.

We then went to the Overland Park Farmers Market and sat on the steps and knitted for awhile. From there, we went to the Greek Festival where we were joined by Joanna's husband Gary and his cousin Scott. The quickly abandoned us when it was clear we were headed to more yarn stores... Chickens! :-)

We headed out for Cottage Fibers in their new location where I indulged myself and bought some roving to continue my attempts to spin on the drop spindle. These are not quite so pink, but more jewel tones.
And this, which the shop owner playfully referred to as Crayola colored.
I'm going to have fun spinning with it. I just need to find time so ply what is currently on the spindle....

After that we went to Urban Arts and Crafts where I drooled over hobbies that I didn't have and lusted after the Queensland Tweed yarn. Joanna bought some cotton to make her mom some birthday washcloths and we were off for a much needed break at Latte Land where we rested and knit some more.

We topped off the day with dinner at everyone's favorite restaurant Blue Koi (if you're ever in Kansas City, a must stop!) and more coffee & knitting at Latte Land with the aforementioned Gary and Scott. All in all a fun, but tiring day.

So this morning, we gathered back together for Stitch and Pitch at Kauffman stadium. About all I can say about the day is the Royals beat down the Phillies. Our bags for Stitch and Pitch were sadly disappointing. My friend Beth raved about what they got in Cincinnati and in KC, we got some novelty yarn (yuck) and some size 19 needles. A little disappointing after Beth's rave review. It was hot and to match the weird line of sunburn from yesterday where I missed part of the V-neck of my shirt with sunscreen, I now have a spot on my shoulder, my ears and the sides of my neck...which I weirdly seemed to miss with sunscreen. Ouch!

There was knitting through the weekend. Below is my sock for my sockapalooza pal which I'm turning the heel on.

It's using the Shimmer Sock pattern from Magknits and the Watermelon Tourmaline colorway of STR. From the World's Ugliest sock last week to a thing of beauty. Yeah!

To finish off my weekend, I cam home and wrote performance reviews for my staff. Now I'm about ready to drop into bed and sleep.


  • At 11:20 PM, Blogger Chris said…

    Bummer about the sunburn - sounds like a pretty decent weekend other than that (well, and the lame Stitch'n'Pitch bags). I love the Shimmer Sock!

  • At 10:08 PM, Blogger Christine said…

    *snort* a little queezy? It sounds like it's a good thing you had the convertible. I'd hate to have had Jo hurl on anyone's yarn or your pretty car!


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