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Saturday, June 16, 2007

So, my 3rd and last Secret Pal 10 package is ready to be sent except for a book I ordered which has gotten lost in the mail. Let me correct that not lost. Apparently the package the books were in (My father's Father's Day gift was in the same package and suffered the same fate) came open and the book are AWOL. Ughhh!!! Of course, since I did all the legwork to figure out what happened to the package,, now has to go through the "verification" process. I said, just call Sharon at this number and make it quicker, but OH NO, they have to go through their official mumbo jumbo. Ugghhh!!! So as a result. No book for Secret Pal package. No Father's Day gift. That totally sucks.

I didn't do much today. I ran some errands this morning and got my oil changed. Took a nap this afternoon. Did a little spinning this evening and have been doing a lot of thinking. I thought that I had everything figured out after a couple of months of indecision and an opportunity kind of landed in my lap on Friday that warrants serious consideration. I'm really thinking of pursuing it because it would be what's best for me, but it will also cut off some avenues for me at a later date and so it requires a lot of thought before I go forward.


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