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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I could talk about my long, long day, but instead I'm going to focus on the positive today. This....
became this...
Tonight. I totally love it. It makes me happy. I'm doing better. It's becoming more uniform in size for the most part. Still some parts with overtwist. But all in all, it's looking better. Yeah me.

In case you're wondering, I have not plyed the purple yarn. I was so excited to try the new roving that I wound it on a TP roll. I need a sufficient length of time to figure out the plying and 8pm on a Wednesday after a 10 hours of meetings wasn't it. I'm free this weekend, so I'll probably try then.

In other news, got my ticket for my trip to Cincinnati in July to see Beth. I told her when she moved if she got tickets to see Jimmy Buffett I would be there. I'm there on July 26th. Yeah us! We (Carmen, Suzie, Beth and I) got our flights and hotel to Stitches Midwest. We'll be staying at the Hyatt if there are any other knitters out there who want to hook up. We went to hook up with some other knitters at the Hyatt last year, but there was some kind of hippy convention and some old guy was making a six year old sing "Hey Jude" in the lobby and we were so out of there. The only thing left is to purchase flights to DC to see my nephew, planning is in the works.


  • At 12:30 PM, Blogger Dulcedosa said…

    *ack* I can't stand HIPPIES! LOL! I'd be chasing them around like ducks at the pond. SHOOO! HIPPY! SHOO!


    We can be workout buddies again! I'm done with Abe. *sigh*


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