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Monday, March 05, 2007


In progress from my New Year's resolution. I joined a gym about 1 month ago. I make it regularly twice a week and I'm so-so on getting there 3 days a week, but I aspire. The good news is that I have worked my way up from 15 minutes on an exercise bike (and nearly dying) to 20 minutes on the bike and 20 minutes on the elliptical machine. I'd be more excited but my knees are killing me...

My parent's were in town this weekend. We had a good time. We went to see Wild Hogs, which was absolutely hysterical. I love William Macy. I went in with extremely low expectations and was at one point laughing so hard I was crying. We also went to see the Arabia Steamer. Which is where 5 guys basically dug a sunken Steamboat out of the river and display everything they found inside. Surprisingly very cool and one of the guys who dug it up even comes out and talks. Vastly superior to The Dead Sea Scrolls . Which in spite of my undying love of history, was mind-numbingly boring.

There was knitting this weekend... I'm onto the 3rd skein of the Noro Silk Garden on my Lady Eleanor shawl. Still totally in love with Entrelac. It
never seems to get boring. 2 most important things to learn before knitting Lady Eleanor. #1. How to spit splice wool. Huge improvement to weaving in ends. #2. How to knit backwards. Probably most important thing to learn for this. I learned when I was making the Ruffles scarf, also from Scarf Style.

I'm also nearing the end of the Placket Neck sweater from Last Minute
Knitted gifts. This sweater is extrememly easy and it's going by so quickly...although, it's by no means a 4-6 hour sweater as promised in the book. :-)


  • At 2:14 PM, Blogger Chris said…

    Your Lady E is just lovely!! Yeah, knitting backwards is CRITICAL for entrelac.

    You might want to stop the elliptical for a while - I've always found that they seriously mess up my knees. Also, a bike can mess up your knees if the seat or tension aren't right...

  • At 12:28 PM, Blogger Christine said…

    You might want to ask one of the gym people standing around to help you fit the bike to your bod. I actually think the eliptical is easier on my knees than the treadmill (less bouncing going on for me) but maybe you could walk on the treadmill. The more incline you do, the better calories and burn you get.

    LOVING the lady eleanor. beautiful!


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