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Sunday, February 18, 2007

I hung some pictures this weekend in my apartment. I'd like to mention that I've lived in this apartment for a year now and before today had exactly 1 picture on the wall. I have 3 paintings sitting on the floor in my family room. I move them around from time to time trying to decide where to hang them, but on the floor they remain. So, what did I hang today?? Pictures in my guest bathroom. Right after I moved here, I found two cool shoe prints that were unframed. They too have been sitting on the sink in the spare bathroom for almost a year. Today, I not only bought frames, put them in the frames, but hung them on the wall. Yes, progress has been made. Ten-to-one odds, I'll find someplace else to move in the next few months now. :-)

What brought on this fury of movement towards normaly?? My parents are coming to visit in two weeks. Hurrah!! I still don't have a dining room table, but I have pictures in the guest bath by golly.


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