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Friday, February 09, 2007


Does everyone remember this sweater??? It's the Bombshell sweater
from Big Girl Knits that I finished earlier this fall, well, I've decided that I need to do a different size up top because it was too big and I needed to add about 2 inches in tonight...Did I mention it's been a bad week???....Well tonight...

I did this...I want something I'm going to wear.

So, I mentioned that it was a bad week, but it was a really bad week...
and I did this as well tonight...
Yep, what you see is the Clapotis in that one of a kind yarn from Maryland Sheep and Wool that I couldn't find anymore of when I ran out 2 inches from the end of the clapotis. So, I've been staring at it in all it's unfinished glory hanging over the back of my arm chair for months and tonight, I finally ripped it back til two repeats before starting the decreases so I can remake and finish it.

You'll note that I did this without the aid or any uplifting spirits and after going to the gym and working out for 30 minutes.

Did I mention it's been a bad week???


  • At 11:19 PM, Blogger Chris said…

    Sorry to hear that it's been such a bad week - but I totally know what you mean about wanting something you'll wear. I ripped out a partially done sweater that'd been hanging around for 3+ years, making me feel guilty. It was traumatic at first - but after I adjusted to it, I felt much more free!! I hope it works out like that for you...


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