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Thursday, June 01, 2006

You know, when you walk up to the register at the grocery store, with 2 boxes of Kleenex, a bottle of Cloraseptic Spray, Cold Tablets and cough drops, why does the person at the register even bother to ask "How are you feeling???" Obviously, you're feeling bad. I'm actually feeling better, although I sound terrible and I can't move 3 feet without kleenexes. Speaking of kleenex, do you know they now make Anti-viral kleenexes. How weird is that??? I used almost an entire one of those square boxes while at work today. I kind of look rather like Rudolf at the moment. My red nose could light the way.

I did not make it to knitting yesterday. I left work early and went home to go to bed. Got up later and then went to bed early (not that I slept much with having to blow my nose every 5 minutes). I didn't make it to knitting this evening either. I was tired and thought I'd be better served by going home and resting and not spreading my germs around. Hopefully we will see continued improvement tomorrow. I'd like to get some house projects done this wekend, such as finally hanging up pictures.


  • At 10:39 PM, Blogger Chris said…

    Oh, Gwen, I hope you start to feel better soon!!

    But I know what you mean about the cashiers. I was buying boxes of super-heavy duty tampons and three bottles of Midol and I got the same question. How the F does it look like I'm doing?!

  • At 8:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Sorry you're under the weather and I hope the trips across the state didn't contribute to the cold!! Relax, have some tea and good luck getting better. And good luck continuing to get "settled".


  • At 9:22 PM, Blogger Beth said…

    I am a loser! I heard you coughing on the phone, but you sounded fine otherwise so I assumed you were just randomly coughing. I hadn't read this post yet, and it feels like I've been gone for a week, and I had forgotten you said before that you were not feeling well. I apologize and hope you're doing as well as you sound!


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