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Monday, May 08, 2006

My Crazy Life...

This has been the absolutely most crazy week of my entire life. On Tuesday, my mother broke her leg. She couldn't have done a better job of it. She had to have surgery on Wednesday and they put a steel plate to stabalize the leg. Crazy right. On wednesday morning, I was drying my hair upside down (you know, to get some extra body into the roots...doesn't everyone do this??) and I felt this terrible pain in my back. Pain so bad I could barely breathe. I laid down on floor thinking if I laid on something hard, it would feel better. It didn't. Finally, I decided maybe, it would work itself out, so I should just get dressed and go to work. Ummm, that was an incredibly painful decision. It was raining and traffic was bad and every time I had to stop or start moving or go over a bump, extruciating pain. I began to think something was seriously wrong. I called my sister. She said go to the emergency room. I went to the emergency room. Several hours later, I was on my way with a diagnosis of a strained back and a prescription for Vicadin. But wait, you say, weren't you supposed to go to MSW???? Ummm Yeah. Went home, went to bed with an ice pack on my back. Took the Vicadin. I took more Vicadin. I must be the only person in the history of the world for whom Vicadin doesn't work. Nothing. Didn't make me sleepy, in fact I couldn't even go to sleep and believe me, I'm a napper. Uggghh. Finally gave up on the Vicadin and went to 4 ibuprofen which worked much better. Thursday, back was still sore, but my ibuprofen and I boarded a plane for DC...just in time for the longest plane ride of my life. I knit a sock. Yes, a sock. It was going to take 5 hours anyway and then I got delayed in Cleveland for 2 hours. So, here it is, the "stuck in Cleveland Sock"

In Lorna's Laces Tanglewood. I tried a pattern, but ripped it out before I even left KC because I liked the bottom of the sock better so I just knit in Stockinette. I finally got to DC. Yippee. My brother and his wife are doing well. I met the cutest dog in the world, Biscuit. Who, after initially barking at me, grew to love me by the end of the weekend. We went outlet mall shopping on Friday and then played poker on Friday night. I thankfully, was not the first one knocked out of the poker game, which is really remarkable considering I play like twice a year. So, finally Saturday, the Sheep and Wool Festival. The sheep. Aren't they cute???

There were a million people. It was unbelieveable. My brother and his wife couldn't believe all of the people. They thought I was crazy. for wanting to go to something called the Maryland Sheep & Wool festival, but were good sports about letting me drag them along with me. I did buy yarn... This is Wool in the Woods Gold Dust. It has a thin strand of gold spun in it. I think it will make a fabulous shawl.

And then there's the Koigu. This is where I really think Jeff and Alicia thought I was crazy. All 3 of us were searching through the baskets for matching skeins along with about a million other people.

All in all, came home with 4 skeins of the gold dust, 16 partial (mill ends) of Koigu and a kit to make a scarf from Morehouse Merino which I forgot to photograph. Pictures tomorrow. All in all it was a good time!


  • At 11:09 PM, Blogger Beth said…

    Gwen! Oh my god! Are you ok? You make me sigh heavily. But the yarn made me gasp. I'm so jealous of the koigu, and the Wool in the Woods. It looks gorgeous! I hope you and your mother are feeling better ASAP...

  • At 7:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Okay, so now we know where your clutziness comes from. I hope you and your mother are doing better!!


  • At 8:19 AM, Blogger Chris said…

    Wow! How is your back now?? And how is your mom doing? Talk about a great Koigu haul - we have a place here that carries millends, but the skeins are MUCH smaller. And that Gold Dust will make a gorgeous shawl.


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