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Friday, March 24, 2006

I had a super crappy day today. It's like all the weirdos and everything that could possibly go wrong did. Not personal mistakes, but technical frustration from things that did work and people who annoyed me. Maybe it was me, but my co-worker in KC and one I talked to in Chicago were having just as crappy of days. My co-worker asked where the full moon was... I was going to listen to a webcast this afternoon, and it probably would have saved me about 3 hours of frustration and a call to the help desk had I done that rather than trying to make this other program work. But enough about my crappy friday. Ever thing was okay when I came home because this was in my mailbox. Yippee. My
yarn came from Now, admitedly, only half of it is mine. The 4 skeins of Baby silk in Raspberry and the 2 soccotta yarns in purple and red and then there's the ribbon yarn that I bought last night that I just threw in. The pattern is mine as well. Mobious scarf. The other 3 soccotta and the 4 baby silk in aubergine are my aunts. You can't really see the aubergine, but it is the prettiest color. I'm totally in love. If I order again in the near future from elann, I'm buying some of that for myself.

My big plans for the weekend include shopping for appropriate clothes to wear on Fridays (business casual, but we can donate $5 to charity and wear jeans). So, I need some dressier casual tops to go with jeans. And, of course, furniture shopping. I've been told I have to go to Nebraska Furniture, so I think I'm going to go on an adventurous trip to find that. Wish me luck.


  • At 11:50 PM, Blogger Chris said…

    Fun yarn!!

    Donate $5 to charity to wear jeans on Fridays? Huh?? That's sort of bizarre. One thing I really love about my job is that I can wear jeans every day. Since I just sit in my cube and work on my computer, it makes wonderful sense.

    Good luck furniture shopping! I suppose there's no IKEA anywhere around...

  • At 9:35 AM, Blogger Teri said…

    Hope your weekend is better than your Friday. Have fun shopping! Give us a call if you need pickup truck services.


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