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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Stash Enhancement Exercise

Back from Stitches Midwest. Yet another year when I learned alot...inside the market and out...but more about my stupidity later...

What you're really interested in "THE HAUL."

I will say, it's less than past years. I've bought more on day one in years past, but I think I'll call this the year, "The year of the pattern." What's there:
3 skeins of Granada from Textiles A Mano
4 oz of Romney Roving with Glitz
1 Ornament Kit
1 skein Alpaca
1 skein baby bunny from Tess Designer Yarns
10 vintage flower buttons
8 skeins of yarn - 3 in the new Kaffe Fassett colorways & 2 coordinating solids.
7 patterns - 3 hats, 1 toy, 1 baby sweater, 1 adult sweater and a shawl
2 Norah Gaughan Berocco Pattern books
and a Pooper Weight from our favorite Venders Pajolo Alpacas

Whew! I'm in love with it all

What did I learn?? I took Spinning for Knitters with Marike Saaranit and she's a fantastic teacher, I'd advise anyone to take spinning from her. I kind of knew the spindling a bit, but Behold...

Balanced Plied yarn. Whoo Hoo. It's a mixture of stuff she gave us to play with in class, Wool, Alpaca, Wook with Glitz, etc. Loved spinning with the Alpaca. It was heavenly. I'm now inspired to play with my spindle even more.

What Else I learned outside of the market...You should always, always, always checker your itenerary, because if you say...accidently book your flight home one day earlier than you thought, it would probably be a good idea to figure that out before 9pm after flight left at 4pm. Very expensive lesson... Learning number #2, you should really go and buy a new car before it decides to really really bit the bucket one piece at a when you put your window down and it won't go back up. You can't reach the glass to pull it it's sitting out in the parking lot with the window open and there's not really anything you can do on a Sunday night... Yeah, that's going to be an expensive lesson as well. I can't decide whether to fix it and pay the $400+ or just take myself off to the car dealership tomorrow (on my day off) and just bit the bullet and buy a new car. Ughhh!!!

So, all in all the trip was fun. Beth and I had a great time, learned some new skills, acquired some new stash...and a reminder for me that...Shit happens. Ughhh.

The Pooper Weight


  • At 7:07 PM, Blogger Jo said…


    Nice haul. I really want to go to Stitches with you someday. I always say "Maybe next year."


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