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Monday, August 04, 2008

#3 thing that costs signifigantly more in DC....

Contacts & eye glasses.

Yes, after more years than I care to count, I'm replacing the glasses I bought in college and getting some that are my prescription...and yes, my eyes have changed a lot! And, can I tell you...even though I have eye insurance, the final price even shocked me. Good Lord, that put a crimp in my yarn money for Stitches. Thankfully I invested in the Healthcare savings account this year. That just spent all my $$s though. I won't be buying glasses for another 5 or so years...

Written while sitting in the dark because I look like I'm strung out because I had my eyes dilated. "It should wear off in an hour" my foot. Ugghhh!!!

Update: 9:14pm - pupils still huge. still in the dark. Wear off in an hour my @ss...UGHH!!!

Aa a reminder, #1 Rent, #2 Hair cuts.


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