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Friday, August 08, 2008

So, the clothes are washed and ready to be packed. I've been watching the Olympics and cleaning during commercial breaks. Dishes, miscellaneous picking up, making bed, etc. I can't stand to leave a dirty house and after spending a week out of town at meetings, the last thing I want to do next weekend is clean up a mess that's been sitting there for a week in my hot apartment.

Left work early today and went to get a pedicure. I think every Friday should end with pampering. Tomorrow it's a hair cut and a trip to Target. Yipee and then mopping and vacuuming and I'll be all done with the cleaning. Then all I have to do is pack, and it's a good thing because the cab is coming at 7:15 Sunday morning. Ughh!!

Baby blanket has 1 more row to finish and then binding off. I hope to finish it before I leave. Still haven't decided what knitting to bring with me. I'm thinking about my Kauni Cozy shawl and Zen Garden sock yarn for one of the sock patterns in the New Interweave. Hmmm... Decisions, decisions...


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