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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hello! I'm back from vacation!!! Hurrah!!! Had a fantastic time with Beth and her Cincy crew. We were all over the place and the consensus is we may be too old to continue at that pace, but a good time was had by all I think.

First off, the Jimmy Buffett concert was awesome this year. First off, NO RAIN. Hurrah!!! We got there earlier and were down by the "real fans." I must have been having a good evening because I got kissed by two weirdo old guys and I kept getting pulled into pictures by people I didn't know...and I wasn't even dressed up... It was a great evening and Jimmy was great, as always.

The next day, we spent recovering...or...umm shopping a bit..., time spent at the GAP Clearance outlet (the outlets outlet) and the candy outlet, Lunch at Penn Station (YUMMMY!!!!!) and then we hung out knitting and then had a girls night in to watch movies, knit and eat Beth's yummy dip.

Saturday we went on a yarn crawl and then to the Reds game for Stich'n'Pitch and all I can say is that it was HOT! Let me say that again IT WAS HOT!! Whew! But, it was a day spent with friends and meeting, quite possibly, the fatest cat I have ever seen in my life.

So, the total score was 3 yarn store, no purchase, Restaurants not in the DC Metro eaten at 4 (Penn Station, Graeters Ice Cream, O'Charley's, & Sonic), purchases (1 pair of shoes, 3 pairs capri pants, gifts for neices and nephew & chocolates). In total a fantastic time was had.

For those of you who know me, I turned off my Blackberry and did not turn it back on until this morning. Really! I swear! Beth will tell you. Honest. I did go through withdrawl symptoms at stoplights that were long, but managed to work through it. I also, didn't watch tv other than the movies at girls night and didn't look at a computer until this afternoon. It was a true vacation. Now, I still have off tomorrow to recover from my vacation. Yeah!!!


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