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Sunday, January 27, 2008

I'm feeling better....

I'm alive and I can function again. I was going to work over the weekend, but ummmm...yeah...that never happened...

What did I do??? Started new socks. Socks with any of the sock yarn I recently received??? They're a gift for someone else and I didn't want to use any of my gift yarn (that's for me) and the intended recipient doesn't really like reds, so the new STR is out of the question, so, I went stash diving and out came this.
It's BMFA's lighweight Socks that Rock in the Lagoon Colorway. I'm using Sock Bug's River Rapid pattern on size 00 needles. It looks fantastic in this colorway. No striping, no pooling. I absolutely love it. It will be hard to give these away, but alas they're already to big for me. :-)


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