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Saturday, January 05, 2008

I went car shopping today. I drove 2 Volvos and an Altima. I really liked the Volvo S60, but not sure I'm willing to pay that price tag... I'm still going to go and drive more cars. I did remember what I hate shopping for a car. Car salesmen. Ugghhh. I liked the Altima, but the salesperson was enough that if I wanted to buy one, I would go to another dealership to buy it in hopes that I would get a better salesperson.

Other than that, didn't really do a lot today. Knitted a few rows on my Tangled Yoke cardigan.


  • At 11:05 AM, Blogger maitai said…

    i like volvos. they're very safe and reliable, but maintaining them can be very expensive, so keep that in mind. also, volvos get AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL gas mileage. i test drove a volvo before purchasing my sadly destroyed subaru as well.

    the altima is probably cheaper, cheaper to maintain, and will get you better gas mileage, so that's what i'd go with! just my opinion, of course :)


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