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Sunday, January 13, 2008

I miss the red carpet...

It's bad enough that tv is ruined by the WGA strike, but tonight we missed on of the few nights of the year where we can totally make fun of celebrities in dresses that cost my year in rent. You know, I can understand the whole not working on the shows, but ruining the night for the Hollywood Foreign Press??? I think they may have lost more than they gained in this one. Other than missing the the red carptet and getting annoyed at the inane presenters, I actually like that we were able to see the whole show in an hour. Maybe next year, we can do a combo. Fun red carpet show and hour long awards show.

I slept in this morning. I haven't slept til noon in more years than I can count and I did it twice in one weekend. I must have been tired. Although, because I slept so late, I didn't take a nap. I did miss taking a nap. I did all the normal weekend things today. Laundry, grocery shopping etc. I'm traveling Tuesday/Wednesday of this week again, I needed to get stuff done. Other than that, nothing interesting going on.


  • At 12:26 PM, Blogger maitai said…

    i miss seeing the dresses as well, but i'm kind of glad that there haven't been any new tv shows recently. i haven't been spending my time parked in front of the television!

    good luck with the traveling this week!


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