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Thursday, August 16, 2007

So, a week from tomorrow (Friday) the movers will be coming to my house to pack up my apartment and haul all my stuff off to DC. I'm getting really excited and really tired of going through things. I've been cleaning stuff out of my apartment and dumping it and I've also been cleaning out my office at work. There was stuff in my office from 1998 and I didn't even work for them then. I've only been here 18 months. Ugghh. Lots of dusty, dusty stuff in both places.

Other than that, been knitting with the girls and working late trying to finish stuff off. I finished one Tofutsies sock and I'd put up pictures if I could figure out what I did with my carmera after coming back from Stitches. On a good note, I found the set of 4" addi double points in size 0 that I bought at Stitches. I thought I might have thrown them away in the cleaning frenzy, but I'd stuck them in an inner pocket in my luggage (yes, the same one that ate a hand knit sock a couple of years ago, which is why I knew to check there).

This weekend will be all about hauling bags to the garbage and continuing to clean and quite possible a nap. Yeah! On Sunday, the knitter girls and I are having a going away party. Yippeee!


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