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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Yipee! Hoorah!! Wahooo!! 4 hours of work tomorrow and I'm free until January 2nd!!!! Totally excited by that. I just have to survive the morning!!! I will be stopping at Starbucks to celebrate and after my free lunch at work, I'll be climbing in the car for the long drive to my parent's house.

I even had time tonight to knit up a little hat for my neice to go with her winder coat. My first hat was too small and has been passed on to another worthy baby of a co-worker. This one will match her coat, unlike the other one, so we will consider this a positive. I'd show pictures, but the camera was in the first load of stuff I took down to the car this morning. I've taken down 2 more and I'm really hoping I can get the rest in 1 trip tomorrow am.

Hurrah!!! Have a great holiday everyone!!


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