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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I'm cursed

think the world has it in for me... My alarm clock didn't go off this morning and thank god! for my father, or I would have missed my 6am flight back to KC this morning. (We will all hail my wonderful father, who got up at 4:30 am on his day off to take me to the airport. That's true love I tell you. :-) Then we had the plane de-icing. I shouldn't complain, I made it to KC in one piece, albeit 20 minutes late. So, so far this morning...I've overslept. My plane was late, so I'm going to be late to the office and rushed to get to my am meeting, but if there were no accidents on the bridge, I could still make it in time and then....

...My first inclination something was wrong should have been that keyless entry wasn't working, but the battery in my key ring had been getting progressively worse, so I didn't think anything of it until I stuck the key in the ignition and absolutely nothing happened. Nada. Big fat nothing...not even that clicking noise that tells you your battery has died. No interior lights. No electric locks. No clicking. UGHHHH!!!!!!! So, I call AAA and arrange for a guy to come to the Economy parking at the KC airport to give me a jump. Yes, it doesn't get any better than this...or does it. Yes, going to take them an hour to get there. Ummm...yes...It's ummm 12 degrees outside this morning. So, I put my bag in the trunk and took myself off to the little waiting huts where you can push the button for a heater to come on. Downside to that, never really gets warm. My feet froze as well as my rear from the bench I was sitting on and I had to keep waving away the buses that come by to pick up passengers to take in. I'm sure those drivers thought I was crazy choosing to stay out in the freezing cold little hut instead of getting in their nice warm bus. I think my toes finally unfroze about 4pm.

The worst part of the whole thing...the guy who came to give my jump looks in my car and tells me "You really shouldn't leave those interior lights on like that." UGHHHHH!!!!!!!


  • At 7:47 AM, Blogger Chris said…

    Ack!! That bad day has to have used up lots of bad day mojo, so you must have some great days coming up. I feel cold just reading about it.


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