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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Keep those contest entries coming. I have a fair number so far. Lots of obsessive sock knitters out there. Let me know your obsession and you could win some sock yarn... Deadline is by August 9th at 10pm CST, my customary blogging time.

I went knitting with the girls tonight. I turned the heel on the watermelon sock tonight. I'd show pictures, but I forgot it in the car and it's raining Cats and Dogs and other small animals, so I'm not willing to go get it. Yes, it's finally raining. This should bring about a much needed relief from the heat. It's hard to even step outside when it's 101 degrees outside. UGHH!!! I also finished frogging the rows of the Bombshell sweater that I needed to so I could insert some short rows in the bust area. I've suffered a setback in my knitting plans and I don't think the sweater is going to be done by Stitches. I had to go to dinner last night for work. We have work Party Friday night and then I'll be driving to Columbia, MO (2.5 hours each way) on Sunday for meetings. So, my knitting time has been severely cut down. So, that's definitely one project going with me to Stitches to work on.

Countdown to Stitches: 1 week from tomorrow!!!!


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