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Monday, July 31, 2006

Back to the frog pond

After such happy forward progress this weekend on Bombshell, I should have known it was not all going to be smooth sailing. I started the bust darts (2 rows...400+ stitches into them) and then decided just to be on the safe side, I needed to try it on in case I needed short row shaping (mind you this is 2 rows and 400+ stitches after it said I should add them in). Yep, you guessed it...need some short row shaping... So, I'm now ripping out all the forward progress I made this evening. Notice the dedication to getting this sweater to fit right. Scary isn't it?? I don't think I'll be done by Stitches unless there's divine intervention, but you never can tell. Oh well, at least I'm trying...

Countdown to Stitches Midwest: 10 days baby!!!


  • At 8:37 AM, Blogger Chris said…

    Hey, ripping is a HUGE part of getting the garment you want (alas). You go!

  • At 11:50 AM, Anonymous Teri said…

    Are you coming to Borders tonight? I can help you figure out the shaping then if you still need help.


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