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Monday, July 24, 2006

Chris has asked about my sock yarn blanket squares yesterday. I'd written a post about my sock yarn squares on Friday, but Blogger ate it, and then on Saturday, I had the whole running out of yarn before finishing the Clapotis tragedy, so I felt the need to share that and then I was so proud of the fact that I built an entertainment center all by myself I had to share that, so back to the squares... Here they are in all their glory.

21 squares. 18 are wool or wool/nylon blends, which is what I'm using for this blanket. 3 are cotton because I thought I'd make another cotton blanket later and I was experimenting. I'm still obsessed with the blanket. I dream about the blanket. If I have 10 minutes before I leave for work in the morning, in days past, I would sit and stare into space or watch 10 minutes of the morning show. Now, I cast on a square and finish 20 or so rows. I have a hard time working on anything else at the moment other than this. The Bombshell sweater is languishing on it's circular needles. The only reason I can still work on socks is because finishing a pair of socks means that I'll have a new sock yarn to knit into squares for the blanket. I really thought at this point, I would be letting it go and moving on to the next great thing, but I'm just not. It's absolutely crazy how obsessed I am with this. I need an intervention or something.

Regarding the bombshell sweater...I think I'm running out of yarn... I;m scared to find out for sure at this point. My first thought is "Oh No, Not again...Not for the second time in a week". I'm of two minds about this fact. One, go buy more yarn and finish it. Two, buy some of the Knitpicks Mainline (On Sale!!) to make one and then frog this one and make the Cherry Bomb tank out of the pink yarn. There's just something about this seems to be using more yarn that intended. What are your thoughts out there in the knitting universe?? Let me know soon because all the good colors of the Mainline yarn will be gone.

Countdown to Stitches Midwest: 17 days. Beth is looking for Bloggers who want to get together at Stitches, so if anyone else is interested. Weigh in over at her blog. I will, of course, be there since I will be with Beth, better known as my much as I am her enabler. It's a vicious cycle. Throw Suzie (blogless) in the mix and it's a sad, sad picture.


  • At 6:10 AM, Anonymous sharon said…

    What a great idea for leftover sock yarn!

  • At 11:49 AM, Blogger Chris said…

    I totally love your squares! That is just going to be so cool. Is it sad that I can identify an lot of the yarns?? :)

    Um, thoughts on running out of yarn - how close do you think it will be?? It's a shame to rip something out...


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