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Sunday, July 09, 2006

And more squares...

Only 4 more squares added today... I woke up at 8am and couldn't go back to sleep because I was trying to figure out how many I could make during the day while doing the laundry, working on at least one other project and attending a work party for most of the afternoon and evening. The answer was 4, plus 1 repeat on the clapotis and then there were the falling leaves socks that really deserve their own story. I'm almost out of different sock yarns, so maybe the obsession will subside... I just need to knit some more socks... By the way, Beth, yes this is the idea we were talking about to make squares out of leftover sock yarn and make them into a blanket. Kind of a record of all the socks you've made. I can't claim credit for the idea. I saw the idea on another blog, and I didn't bookmark it, so if it's your idea let me know so I can give you credit...

In contrast to that, this is what I did this evening, which was to frog the Falling Leave socks. Yes, I have again frogged this yarn. It's frickin' Koigu for heaven sakes. The holiest of holy yarns and I can't find a pattern that works for it... UGHHH!!! I'm going insane. So, I, of course, immediately cast it on again. It's like a personal vendatta now.


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