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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

All Better now...

I was so distraught yesterday when I took out my knitting that I just couldn't find the words to talk about anything else... But, I did have a good time in St. Louis for the weekend. I went shopping with my sister and babysat my neice. Only had one near trauma when my neice stepped all the way accross my broken bones through the shoe. Went to dinner with my aunt and spent Tuesday with my friends watching chick flicks and knitting while the menfolk when and retrieved some Ted Drewes for us. (For the non-St. Louisans, the holy mecca of frozen custard. Best in the US.). I spent time with my parents and slept late. All in all a pretty good weekend.

I also had lots of time to knit (yeah!). I'm down to the last 200 yds of yarn for the clapotis and one repeat from the decreases. I started the Bombshell from BGK (oh, the horror of yesterday) which now that it has been corrected. Everyone is back on the bus now...

I'm still aiming for an August debut for Bombshell at Stitches Midwest. And lastly, I found a pattern for the sock yarn that I've started and frogged 6 times. Yippeee!!!!

In news from today, the new Knitty is out. Hurrah! Lots of new sock patterns. I, especially, love the new Beaudelaire pattern and the rpm pattern. I was looking for something to do with my Socks that Rock and wanted to start before Stitches this year so I could justify buying more STR...


  • At 10:17 PM, Blogger Chris said…

    Whew! I'm glad you rescued that. And that you had a good weekend.

    Aija, who wrote rpm, is having a contest on her blog in celebration - there are some very cool prizes, including STR. :)

  • At 10:35 PM, Anonymous Teri said…

    Your poor foot!

    Also, I agree with Beaudelaire...and it's toe-up! I think I may have found the fit for my Cherry Tree Hill that I keep restarting.


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