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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I'm having sock issues. I've started and frogged 7 different patterns in two yarns for socks. I'm just not getting it. I start. Knit up a little. Decide I don't like it and the next thing I know, the needles are out and it's all over the place. UGHHH!!! Maybe I need to lay off the socks for awhile and work on something else. At least the shawl is going well.

I've also been swatching for Bombshell from Big Girl Knits in the Nashua Cilantro that I purchased last week. After trying out 3 needles sizes, I finally got the stitch gauge right. The row gauge is still off a little, but I can work with that. I think everyone should write this day down in history. Gwen actually swatched for a project. In fact, I'm getting ready to reswatch again so I can wash and dry the swatch to make sure that the gauge doesn't change with washing. You can all pick yourself up off the floor now. I know. This is moving into uncharted territory for me. This should just indicate how much I actually want this sweater to fit. :-)


  • At 8:02 PM, Blogger Chris said…

    Ohmigod. I've never washed a swatch - you are my hero!!

    Argh, how frustrating that socks are resisting...

    Hey, I moved my blog - I'm here now.


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