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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I got my birthday present from Beth tonight. It's the Vogue Stitchionary. I still need to buy her birthday present, a copy of Vogue Stitchionary, but want to order another book to take advantage of free shipping and I wanted to see if I got any more knitting books for my birthday before I ordered away.

I took the first step towards becoming a resident of Kansas City, Mo when I bought a Kansas City Street Guide. Hopefully this will enable me to find my way around KC when I go this weekend. Although I'm very bad with directions, so it will be invaluable when I actually move there.

I also bought a Chagall calendar. I've been looking at it for several weeks and it was still there and 75% off, so I figured for $2.70 I could spring for it. I like Chagall because every time you look at his paintings you see something you missed before.


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