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Thursday, December 22, 2005

So, after returning from Stitches way back in August, I decided to go on a yarn diet and to knit up some of my stash which kind of got out of hand. So, as I approach the end of the year, I started wondering about how I did with, here's the count of finished objects vs. yarn from?

1. Jeff's Birthday socks - ummm...had to buy new yarn didn't have anything suitable for a boy in the stash.
2. Baby Einstein for Knitting Guild - ummm...couldn't pass up the skein for $.25 @ Target deal. I should get credit for giving it to charity shouldn't I???
3. Clapotis - Stitches 2005 yarn. I think we consider this stash yarn since it came into my possession prior to the "use stash yarn vow." Yeah!!
4. Misty garden scarf - Stash yarn. Bought at the Knitorious inventory sale last December. Yipee!
5. Project Linus blanket - Had to buy new yarn as I didn't have any suitable blanket for child yarn in the stash. :-(
6. Flower Basket Shawl (in progress) - Stash yarn. Made out of knitpicks yarn my aunt and I dyed. Yippee.
7. Carusoe Socks (in progress) - Stash yarn! Tess's Super Sock yarn purchased at Stitches 2004.
8. Baby Einstein (in progress) - Stash yarn! Plymouth Baby yarn purchased at the Knitorious Inventory sale last year.
9. Lindsay's Sweater (in progress) - stash yarn. Debbie Bliss Wool Cotton bought last spring.

So, 6 of 9 items items started or started and completed since August 15, 2005 have been stash yarn. Not too bad. The yarn purchases weren't out there, but for specific reasons. Although I would certainly enjoy socks that are striped pink, I have the feeling that my brother would run the other way as fast as possible. He does like the grey socks I did knit for him. The other two were charity. The Target yarn I bought specifically to make a charity gift since it was so cheap I couldn't pass it up. I bought only enough to make the baby sweater and then for the blanket, I had no suitable yarn in the stash.

Not too bad, although could be better. I have to admit, that I'm absolutely chomping at the bit to start something new. You'd think that I would be going gangbuster's on Lindsays sweater so I could start something new, but so far, I've cast on for the sleeves and knit just a few rows. I need to step it up. So many things to knit, so little time.


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