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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

So, I took the day off work today. Slept in late. Made myself a good breakfast. Decided that today was the perfect day to put up the christmas tree. I cleaned the family room so I could start from a clean place to put up all my christmas stuff. Lugged 4 big boxes out of hiding and went down to get the christmas tree. I eagerly jumped into my boxes. Trying to remember all of the stuff that I have and trying to decide where to put it in the new place. I opened my tree box (artificial due to apartment complex rules...) and carefully straightened and picked apart all the branches and divided them into the piles of different sizes to make assembling the tree easier. Finally, I finished the seeming 200 million branches and dug out the 4 supports for the main tree trunk and "OH MY GOD WHERE IS THE PIECE TO HOLD THE SUPPORTS????" I upended the box. Not there. Looked through all the boxes of ornaments strewn all over my family room floor. Not there. Looked through the huge pile of x-mas light to see if it got caught up in that...Nope...

Hmmm...what would it look like. Dark green with 4 slots for the supports that hold it. Hmmm...I've seen something like that recently. Yeah, I found it in the old apartment when I moved all the couches. I couldn't for the life of me figure out what it was for. I put it on a table, moved it around a few times and on the last day...when I went back to clean the apartment with my mother...I dropped it in the trash...UGHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Number one thing on my shopping list for Friday...Brand new tree...


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