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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Angel in a Clapotis

Yes, finally, the picture of the my neice in the clapotis I gave to my sister for x-mas. Isn't she just a doll. We definitely missed her on x-mas this year.

All in all, Christmas was good this year. I got a Niddy Noddy and Nancy Bush's Vintage Sock book. Hurrah. There was knitting over x-mas. I finished the sleeves for Lindsay's x-mas sweater.

Now all I have to do is finish the collar, ties, block and sew together. Progress...finally the end is in sight.

I also turned the heel on the Caruso sock and am now on the home stretch. Although I really like the way the sock looks, it seems to be taking forever to do it. Pictures when it's done...soon hopefully.

I was a bad, bad girl today. I used my x-mas money from my grandfather to buy some Mountain Colors sock yarn in the Wild Raspberry colorway. I've been coveting it since August... Bad, bad Gwen.


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