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Saturday, October 24, 2009

My credit card slipped...

at the Shenandoah Fiber Festival today... Not only did I get all this...
Two skeins of Wolle's Yarn Creations
1 skein of Organic Wook from Crabapple farms
1 skein of Stranded in Oz sock yarn
Superwash Merino Roving from Bitsy Knits in "good Night My Dear colorway
Superwash Merino Roving from Wildhare Fiber Studios
Several pounds of Golden Crisp apples from a local orchard.

For the observant of you, you'll note two bobbins in the haul...hmmm... whatever could they belong too....Perhaps the big purchase of the day????

My fabulous, wonderful new spinning wheel. It's a Kromski Minstrel. It has a custom finish job in Cherry, Walnut and Pecan. It looks amazing. I have not named her, but, I'm working on it. THe only thing I don't like is it's too tall to fit easily in the car. Maybe I need a new car?

Of course, there has already been spinning...

This is come corriedale roving that I've had for awhile. It spins like a dream. I love, love, love it. And, even better didn't have to pay shipping, wait for it, or assemble it. Instant gratification.
Yeah me!!!


  • At 8:09 PM, Blogger Beth said…

    Hooray! And again, congratulations. I'm so glad you got it and that you love it. She is beautiful.


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